Freetown Christiania is an intentional community
Founded in 1971 by a Provo leader on 85 acres of barracks and canals, in an abandoned military base in Copenhagen that dates to the 1600s.

Fun Fact: Dogs were allowed everywhere humans were

Provo Manifesto #12:
Anarchists, provos, beatniks, pleiners, scissors-grinders, jailbirds, simple simon stylites, magicians, pacifists, potato-chip chaps, charlatans, philosophers, germ-carriers, grand masters of the queen's horse, happeners, vegetarians, syndicalists, santy clauses, kindergarten teachers, agitators, pyromaniacs, assistant assistants, scratchers and syphilitics, secret police, and other riff-raff. Provo has something against capitalism, communism, fascism, bureaucracy, militarism, professionalism, dogmatism, and authoritarianism. Provo has to choose between desperation, resistance and submissive extinction. Provo calls for resistance wherever possible. Provo realises that it will lose in the end, but it cannot pass up the chance to make at least one more heartfelt attempt to provoke society.

The official response from the Danish government was to declare it “a short-term social experiment" and leave them be

From painting murals to fixing windows, everyone pitched in to help

Christmas at Christiania- look at the moon painted on the ceiling!

 A bakery was formed for the community to provide nutritious whole grain pan loaves, it quickly became the social hub, as bakeries usually are

Fun Facts:

In 2011 the community legally purchased the land

In the 1980s, biker gangs tried to take control of the blossoming hash market. One gang called the Bullshit Gang, or The Bullshitters, fought off the Hell’s Angels and established dominance. In 1987, a dismembered body was found under the floorboards of a Bullshitter bike shop and the Bullshit Gang was run out of town.  From that day forward, motorcycle jackets were banned entirely from the Freetown