Donuts  made on a primitive raft in the 1950s, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean

Henri Beaudout, born in France, emigrated to Canada in 1952 after World War 2.
Struggling with painful memories of war
and unable to integrate back into civilian society,
He decided he needed to go on a grand adventure, something so big and courageous
it would consume him and assign his place in history.

He decided to try and cross the Atlantic Ocean on a primitive raft using only winds and currents,
inspired by the raft Kon Tiki that crossed the Pacific Ocean in the same way a decade prior.

Raft named L'Égaré II (The Lost One)

The first raft L'Égaré was struck down in a terrible storm
Luckily all were rescued and brought safely to shore.

He built a second raft, using no nails, only ropes and beams. 
The crew consisted of 3 men and 2 kittens.
In old age, a writer asked Henri why the kittens, Henri responded that every voyage needs a mascot, after all Kon-Tiki had a parrot.
We like to think the donuts were sort of a mascot as well.

After 88 days of drifting eastward at sea,
the team arrived in Cornwall, England from Nova Scotia, Canada.
They were the first in history to achieve this feat.