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We are a wholesale bakery located in the neighborhood of East Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York. We make morning pastry for our friends who own cafes and kitchen bread for our friends who own restaurants.

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 ︎︎︎Baker of the Grotesque
︎︎︎Army Bakers
︎︎︎German Bakers

Semi Sourdough Baguettes                                            

Available full size or demi
( a semi demi!)
Semi Sourdough means that
Most of the leavening power
comes from Sourdough,
but we also utilize a bit
of commercial yeast as well.
Creating a balanced loaf that
keeps nicely, with depth of flavor and
a pearlescent crumb; no overt sour notes.
Sized to yield 2-3 sandwiches per/
However, one could also make
1 giant sandwich or
4 very small sandwiches or
many, many crostini.

Potato Buns

a/k/a The Martin’s Killer.
A lot of behind the scenes debate
whether or not to call out
Martin’s Potato Buns in this product description.
This bun happens to be vegan, but they’re still super moist and fluffy.
Your local, fresh-baked alternative to the ubiquitous preservative-heavy mainstream potato buns out there.
Do better. Be the change.


An Italian word that roughly translates to ‘Fire-Face’.
We sell ours by the half sheet, Available with fresh rosemary or without. The focaccia you receive will be fully baked and resemble the image on the right.